Nutrition is science, at least in my approach. What I eat, when I eat it, in what amounts, and in what Macro-nutrient proportions… it’s all determined by my goals and my body’s needs.

I lift weights. I lift heavy weights. I practice Olympic lifts, powerlifting techniques, and set/weight variations as my main form of exercise. That is just my preference. I do not ignore cardio work either, however; I think there is something to be said for heart health and stamina improvementt. But I am no runner, or cyclist, or anything of the like. I dabble in it all, at best.

With all that being said, tomorrow I am running in a 6-Hour Ultra Endurance race; its trail running, over-the-river-and-through-the-woods type deal, called the BURCS 2nd Annual Jug End Loop Ultra (6-Hour).

Jug End Loop Mugs

And my body is CONFUSED!

The awkward rest day in the middle of my lifting program, the increase in carbs in my pre-race days, all of it is the opposite of what I’m used to. But, this is why I’m doing it!

I’m not stepping out of my comfort zone… I’m taking a rocket.

What is really setting in, is all that I have been told about being unable to be both a strength and endurance athlete. The nutritional needs seem SO different, I understand now why they say you just can’t be the best at both.

I’m gunna try like heck anyway! I’m just saying I get why “they” say it.


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